• Ebner

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    The wine estate Ebner is situated on the sunny Renon plateau, on a rocky outcrop above the town of Campodazzo, in the southernmost part of the Isarco Valley. Terraced slopes of volcanic origin facing south let grow red grapes, while white ones prefer the most ventilated slopes to the southeast. These noble grapes of the Isarco Valley come from a 40 year old pergola, whose root system is kept alive thanks to a delicate pruning able to ensure an ideal supply of nutrients to the grapes, even in times of drought. Sustainability, quality and authenticity features are experienced firsthand. We keep our fertile soil with natural organic fertilizers. Our production is herbicides free, to preserve the excellent quality of the vines that shoud absorb all the nutrients from the soil and are irrigated only in drought stress conditions, in order to stimulating their radical system. >>Download datasheet<<