• Domaine Patrice Moreux

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    The origins of Domaine Patrice Moreux go back to 1677 when Edme Corty laid the foundations of a small Domaine in Pouilly. André Moreux bought his first vines in 1702, but on the other side of the Loire, in Sancerre. It is incredible to think that their love of wine and the land would straddle 300 years of history and descend done through 12 generations! All ferments are natural and Domaine Patrice Moreux wines are made with the greatest of respect for their terroir. Treatments are kept to the minimum, the rational nutrition of the soil (no chemical fertilizers, ploughing several times a year), allow Domaine Patrice Moreux to exacerbate the plants physiology and its natural resilience. Domaine Patrice Moreux voluntarily prune short, and vines are manually de-budded, whilst observing and respecting the flow of the sap, in order to obtain the optimum durability of vines and thus a higher concentration of grapes. This trend of limited intervention, leading to lower yields, allows Domaine Patrice Moreux to obtain healthy grapes, balanced, and capable of producing wines of great quality.All stages of vinification are carried out following the lunar cycle, the influence of the moon is crucial in the vinifying of Domaine Patrice Moreux wines. >> Downloadc products data sheet <<