About Us



Les Grands Crus is born from the desire of a group of friends and fans of the wine industry, with many years of experience in the field of production and retail assets.

Les Grands Crus is a new wine retailing format: we apply a progressive approach, innovation and quality, with the aim to represent a niche of the marketplace and wineries, but which meet our high quality standards.
All wines distributed are characterized by the same thread: drinkability, flavor and pleasantness.
In addition, we select products for the Italian market from the best wine areas of the world.

Wine prepares hearts to make them
ready for passion.


It is the real engine of the project. In such a complex and competitive market, only passion can move us to pursue our goals.


Many years of experience in wine sales have helped us to learn about companies, territories and winemakers. Our knowhow has led us to form this group.


Seriousness has always paid. We offer a quick and prompt service, which meets all the needs of our customers.




Les Grands Crus is the hub for a wide range of great references that make up our portfolio.
Our wines, beers and spirits come from all major wine regions of Europe.
Our headquarter and warehouse receive wines daily and everything is checked carefully.
Through our retailing network and the professionalism of our agents we can fulfill orders throughout Italy.


Customers support

Our agent network will guide you on the most suitable choices to meet your needs.


Sales support

The agents regularly visit our customers, so they can monitor the market in which we operate in order to ensure continued support to them.

“Il vino eleva l’anima e i pensieri; le inquietudini
si allontanano dal cuore dell’uomo.”

518 a.C. circa – 438 a.C. circa